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 Two Novels I am Writing

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PostSubject: Two Novels I am Writing   Two Novels I am Writing EmptyWed Dec 31, 2008 4:13 pm

Hey guys. To tell you. I am writing two Novels. They are creature feature ones. Note to let you know that I am very bad at how I make Characters act like in novels and I am bad at grammar also. But I will do what I can. I am trying to make it like one of those good novels. Anyway here they are.

Novels I am writing:

Serrated Teeth

Plot: Well this is about when a mining industry begins in one of the mountains of Colorado. What they didn't know behind the mountain held a deep secret for millions of years. Behind the mountain is a prehistoric jungle like valley with live Torvosaurus that survived extinction. When the miners dig too far. The meat eating Theropods are unleashed now roaming through the wilds of Colorado. Things starts to get strange when many Grizzly Bears starts decreasing as many are showing up dead and has been eaten by someting which is really the population of Torvosaurus. A group of people are told to work with the police and find out what could be causing this only to in for a big surprise to see something that is suppose to be extinct for millions of years. Can they find a way to escape or will they become dinosaur food.


Plot: There has been reports of a mysterious creature killing and eating people and tourists. When a man and his six friends go for a trip in the wilds. Something that they wish that they never met is about to change their fun to a nightmare. None other then the mighty ancestor of the Komodo Dragon. The Megalania. 22 feet long and weighing over 1000 pounds. It is revealed that the Megalania is in fact a escaped creature that was created by a brilliant scientis who manage to extract its DNA from the bones and splice it into their modern day relative. The Komodo Dragon. Now the man and his friends must do what to survive even if it means having to fight back, but the creator won't let them harm it. Can they escape or will the Creator of the Megalania keep stopping them from destroying his creation.

So if you want to talk about what will be happening in my novel and how everything is. just ask and comment.
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Two Novels I am Writing
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